Following the Scottish Government’s announcement that it will hold a referendum on Scotland leaving the United Kingdom, people across the UK are now debating the very real danger that the Union may be heading towards break up.  Politicians in Wales are already considering the direction for Wales if Scotland leaves the UK.  First Minister, Carwyn Jones, has said that if Scotland leaves the UK or adopts ‘devolution max’, Wales’s constitutional relationships within the UK “would require a much more radical reconsideration”.  Many nationalist politicians are arguing for separation from the UK but closer ties with the European Union.  Worryingly, Welsh MPs - who since the advent of devolution have considerably fewer duties, though happily, for them, the same pay levels - remain largely silent about Wales’s constitutional place in the Union.

We in True Wales believe that cross-party, cross UK action is needed to highlight the benefits of the Union and to generate a debate among the population about the constitutional future of the UK.



Wales is Stronger as Part of the United Kingdom